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Learning psychiatry and psychology is now a lot easier.

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I Get Your Struggle

As a psychiatrist, I understand the weight and frustration of feeling like there is so much to learn, but never feeling like you have enough time to study. That’s why my mission is simple. I want to make it easy and accessible for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of psychiatry and psychology. This website and email list is designed to provide a small daily dose of bulleted psych material to build a strong foundation of knowledge. 

The Bullet Psych curriculum was originally sent out on a daily basis to subscribers, however after speaking with many readers it became apparent that the majority of subscribers would be best served by going through the curriculum at their own pace. This has made it easier to catch up on content if you miss days due to a busier schedule than normal. 


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Read our introductory post that outlines our daily curriculum that is organized by theme.

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