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Your Daily Psych Curriculum Starts Here

Welcome to Bullet Psych!

My name is Marcus Hunt, I am a board-certified psychiatrist, and I am passionate about behavioral health and education. As a recent graduate from psychiatry residency, I understand how difficult it can be to establish good study habits and grow your knowledge in this vast field. There really is so much to learn, and, trust me, I understand what it feels like to "never have enough time to study".

Enter Bullet Psych. My mission in creating this website and email list is to make it extremely easy and accessible for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge of psychiatry and psychology. It is designed to provide a small dose of free psych material to build a strong foundation of knowledge. Each reading will take around five minutes. I truly believe that everyone can carve out five minutes per day to invest in their professional development. These readings are designed for all learners of psych knowledge (medical students, psychiatry residents, primary care physicians, psych NP's and PA's, psych nursing, psych techs, and psychology and clinical social work trainees).

Let me be clear. I HIGHLY encourage additional reading as you dig deeper into topics relevant to your interests and patients, however I want to lower the barriers for a consistent dose of psych material. If you are a psychiatrist, psychologist, psychiatric nurse, psych tech, social worker, or anyone working in the behavioral health field then this website is for you.

Let me introduce you to some of the nuts and bolts of your new daily Bullet Psych material.

•Each week of material will have a THEME. Most themes will take a few weeks to cover. Examples of themes include psychotic disorders, treatment resistant depression, emergency psychiatry, personality disorders, etc.

•Most THEMES will be presented in a consistent pattern as described below:

Introduction to Theme: This will include diagnostic criteria, helpful mnemonics and memory aids, epidemiology, and overview of general treatment modalities.

Clinical Pearls: This will go one step further and provide clinically useful information to include risk factors, prominent biopsychosocial theories, clinical interview tips, differential diagnosis, comorbid symptoms and disorders, and more detailed treatment options.

Medications: These posts will cover a medication or class of medications that are related to that weeks theme. This will include a discussion about mechanism of action, clinical evidence, clinical pearls, and side effects.

Therapy: These posts will cover a particular form of psychotherapy that is related to that weeks theme. Examples include supportive psychotherapy, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy, image rehearsal therapy, and much more.

Week in Review: Research supports the concept of "spaced repetition learning" and we will utilize this at Bullet Psych. This day will be used to review concepts learned during the week as well as revisit concepts from a past theme. This will ensure that the information that you worked hard to obtain can stay fresh. These days will often include a knowledge check quiz.

•We originally sent a reading every weekday, however after speaking with many readers it became apparent that the majority of subscribers would be best served by going through the curriculum at their own pace. This has made it easier to catch up on content if you miss days due to a busier schedule than normal. This will allow you to be able to easily catch up on readings if you were busy and missed a day or two.

•Use your free days to take a break from work/studying or dive deeper into certain subjects. Feel free to reference our recommended resources within each post for more in depth reading.

I hope this overview is helpful in creating a vision of what Bullet Psych can do for you. I am excited that you have chosen to start a journey of increasing your knowledge in such a great field. Feel free to reach out via the contact page if you have questions or suggestions.

If you want to support the website, please consider making a small donation or checking out our recommended products and services.

If you haven't already, enter your email address to receive your FREE regular dose of bullet psych material in your inbox. 

Thank you for your support and happy learning!

-Marcus Hunt, MD

-Creator of Bullet Psych

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4 comentarios

robert stephen
robert stephen
06 jul 2023

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Alisa Sabshin
Alisa Sabshin
24 abr 2022

What a great site! One suggestion. Consider changing the term “medical work-up” as a rule-out for psychiatric diagnoses. Psychiatric illnesses are medical illnesses and it can be stigmatizing to refer to them as “other then medical”. Such a long history of psychiatric illness being thought of as something one can get over, due to personal failures, or not worthy of medical treatment. Even in our own profession as physicians, other specialities denigrate psychiatry as non-medical. Looking critically at the terms we use to describe our clinical work-up makes a difference. Looking forward to reading more on this site. Thank you!

Me gusta

Marcus Hunt
Marcus Hunt
10 ago 2020

Thanks Dr. Williams. I appreciate the feedback!

Me gusta

This is awesome work, Marcus! I love the short, focused readings. I read the first two days of the curriculum and I'm sold! The layout of the web pages are very crisp, clean, and do not distract from the learning experience. The lessons are succinct and high-yield, and though I'm not caught up with the curriculum (but, I have subscribed for the daily readings), the pace and length of each lesson seems manageable and doesn't feel overwhelming. Thanks for sharing this wonderful resource with me!

Me gusta
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