The Bullet Psych curriculum is designed to be read in order. After you read the welcome post we highly encourage you to start with Day # 1 as the topics naturally build on each other.

See below for the full Bullet Psych curriculum. This page was created, so that you can easily reference and review specific topics and read through each topic at your convenience. Articles will be added regularly as the curriculum continues to develop. ​

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Psychotic disorders

Day 1: Intro to Psychotic Spectrum Disorders

Day 2: Psychotic Timelines

Day 3: Schizophrenia - The "who" and the "why"

Day 4: Clinical Pearls for Psychotic Disorders

Day 5: Intro to the Mental Status Exam (MSE)

Day 6: Week in Review -> Psychotic Disorders

Day 7: MSE in Schizophrenia

Day 8: MSE in Schizophrenia Part 2

Day 9: Workup for First Psychotic Episode

Day 10: Nonpharm Treatment of Schizophrenia

Day 11: Review Quiz -> Psychosis Part 2

Day 12: Intro to Antipsychotics

Day 13: Extrapyramidal Symptoms

Day 14: Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome

Day 15: General Side Effects of Antipsychotics

Day 16: Review Quiz -> Psychosis Part 3

Day 17: Side Effects of Specific Antipsychotics

Day 18: Antipsychotic Clinical Pearls

Day 19: Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia

Day 20: Clozapine

Day 21: Review Quiz -> Psychosis Final Review


depressive disorders

Day 22: Intro to Depressive Disorders

Day 23: Depression -> The "who" and the "why"

Day 24: Clinical Pearls for Depression

Day 25: MSE in Depression

Day 26: Review Quiz -> Depression part 1

Day 27: Medical Workup for Depression

Day 28: Treat Depression Without Medications

Day 29: Psychotherapy for Depression

Day 30: Antidepressant Medications

Day 31: SSRIs and SNRIs

Day 32: Review Quiz -> Depression part 2

Day 33: Serotonin Syndrome

Day 34: Atypical + Novel Antidepressants

Day 35: Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCAs)

Day 36: Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs)

Day 37: Treatment Resistant Depression

Day 38: Review Quiz -> Depression part 3

Day 39: Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT)

Day 40: Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Day 41: Nutraceuticals / CAM


Bipolar disorder

Day 42: Intro to Bipolar Disorder

Day 43: Bipolar -> The "who" and the "why"

Day 44: Review Quiz -> Bipolar part 1

Day 45: Clinical Pearls for Bipolar Disorder

Day 46: MSE in Bipolar Disorder

Day 47: Medical Workup for Mania

Day 48: Psychotherapy for Bipolar Disorder

Day 49: Medication Algorithms for BPAD

Day 50: Review Quiz -> Bipolar part 2

Day 51: Bipolar Depression

Day 52: Lithium (part 1) -> Evidence, Indications

Day 53: Lithium (part 2) -> Levels, Interactions

Day 54: Lithium (part 3) -> Side Effects, Toxicity

Day 55: Valproic Acid (VPA)

Day 56: Review Quiz -> Bipolar part 3

Day 57: Lamotrigine

Day 58: Carbamezepine + Oxcarazepine

Day 59: Topiramate


Anxiety disorders

Day 60: Intro To Anxiety Disorders

Day 61: Clinical Pearls for Anxiety

Day 62: Review Quiz Anxiety/Bipolar

Day 63: MSE in Anxiety Disorders

Day 64: Medical Workup for Anxiety

Day 65: Treatment of Anxiety Disorders

Day 66: Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Day 67: Phobia

Day 68: Review Quiz-> Anxiety part 2

Day 69: Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

Day 70: Panic Disorder

Day 71Agoraphobia

Day 72: Separation Anxiety Disorder

Day 73: Selective Mutism

Day 74: Review Quiz-> Anxiety part 3

Day 75: Benzodiazepines

Day 76: Buspirone

Day 77: Gabapentin & Pregabalin

Day 78: Hydroxyzine, β-blockers, α-2 agonists

Day 79: Review Quiz-> Anxiety part 4


emergency psychiatry

Day 80: "Medical Clearance"

Day 81: Suicide Risk Assessment

Day 82: Violence Risk Assessment

Day 83: Agitation (non-pharm interventions)

Day 84: Review Quiz-> Emergency Psychiatry

Day 85: Agitation (pharm management)

Day 86: Alcohol Withdrawal

Day 87: Opioid Withdrawal

Day 88: Toxidromes

Day 89: Review Quiz-> Emergency part 2


OCD and other impulse control disorders

Coming Soon


trauma (PTSD) and adjustment disorders

Coming Soon


dissociative disorders

Coming Soon



Coming Soon


"personality disorders"

Coming Soon


eating disorders

Coming Soon



Coming Soon


substance use

Coming Soon


child and adolescent

Coming Soon


neurocognitive and dementia

Coming Soon


neurology for psychiatrists

Coming Soon



Coming Soon


special populations

Coming Soon


psych theories

Coming Soon


complementary and alternative methods

Coming Soon

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